■2014年09月25日(木)  ギガマンクスの後ろ蹴り!
20140925Manx.jpg 721×1000 484K
  • Ivor(2014/09/26 00:24)
    An expert at geoforming, this Super Mega can create mountains, rivers and valleys with no effort at all.
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/26 02:43)
    OMG!!! GIGA MANX!!!! My Japanese isn't as good as I wish it was. I assume the 1,252 meters was the size of his OPPONENT, not Manx's height here. Since the lowest clouds are around 1 km (3,280 feet) above the Earth, and they barely clear the calf of his leg, my estimation of Manx is that he's well over 10 MILES (16 km) TALL! He's amost TWICE as tall as Mount Everest!!! Just his boy junk would be OVER a mile (1.6 km) tall, when he was.. uh..er.. happy! This is a VERY BIG BOY!!! If he were to flex his bicep, it would be nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) high!!! As Tora-san says, what incredibly tremendous POWER and STRENGTH this boy must have!! He could stomp and crush ENTIRE CITIES flat, in just a few minutes of time, with absolutely no effort to him at all!!! He's really showing off those ENORMOUS, powerfully thick thighs of his! WOW!!!! Thanks, Tora-san! I love to see the boys GIGA-size!!!
  • ぽち(2014/09/26 17:36)
  • 1(2014/09/27 20:50)
  • Whitt(2014/09/29 16:19)
    Worship him! Giga-Manx the creator and destroyer god of all!
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/30 01:14)
    In reviewing this picture, I must admit to really, REALLY LIKING this one, and wishing to see *MORE* GIGA BOY shots! I mean, if the boys are capable of GROWING to that size, don't we all think those scamps would do it for the sheer TURN-ON, and POWER TRIP of doing it?

    Dare I say, that one of my greatest desires I have on this website, is to *humbly* REQUEST from Tora-san, seeing the "tinies Point Of View "(UPSHOT from the streets), LOOKING UP at GIGA Fuguri and GIGA Manx.. PLAYFULLY AROUSED???

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■2014年09月22日(月)  ふぐりんの新しいシューズ
20140921Fuguri.jpg 638×1000 263K
  • 19(2014/09/22 01:58)
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/22 02:37)
    WOW!! If this is what he does when he gets new shoes, I guess we tinies should all be happy he wasn't given a BASEBALL BAT!! Fuguri may have the strength of millions men, but he still is just an impish and playful young boy. Those poor people in that building under his upraised left shoe!!!

    But in all truth, I find his Ultra Fuguri boots much better looking! Maybe if he can alter the Fuguri boots to have a more complex tread sole design on them, it would make him look more "Heavy Duty" and "Industrial Strength" in looks - especially to the tinies looking up at those giant soles coming down on them... Thanks again for the inspiring pic, Tora-san!! :)
  • 1(2014/09/22 08:05)

  • ぽち(2014/09/22 21:23)
  • Mecha-Fuguri(2014/09/23 08:52)
    Great, now I want to by those sneakers just so I could be like Fuguri. ^3^'
  • アイラブタイツ(2014/09/23 23:26)
  • workin(2014/09/24 21:47)
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■2014年09月20日(土)  ビルの角で…
20140920Fuguri_Manx.jpg 792×1000 293K
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/21 01:02)
    That's an 18 story building they're squatting down on, which is typically about 180 feet tall, or about 55 meters high. Since they are having to sit slightly to touch the top of the building, that means they normally stand with their powerful butts about 200 feet in the air, or nearly 61 meters from the ground. Those are LONG, POWERFUL legs and thighs!! No wonder they can effortlessly smash buildings to dust with them! Tinies can drive a CAR through the gap made between Fuguri's boot and heel!! These are MIGHTY BOYS!!! Thanks for the pic Tora-san!! They are wonderful!!! :)
  • ivor(2014/09/26 00:26)
    They will ride the building down to the ground floor, laughing all the way.
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■2014年09月19日(金)  ウルトラふぐりんの本気蹴り!
20140918Fuguri.jpg 702×1000 551K
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/19 10:27)
    WOW!!! I wanted to see what it would be like when Fuguri got MAD. This gives me a good demonstration! He usually "plays" with the buildings. Here, he is violently kicking them to splinters! And he's taking out everything - EVERYTHING - near it as well. I see entire trucks, furniture, traffic equipment, air conditioners, and lots of tiny PEOPLE in the debris that he's kicking, to fall miles and miles away, to land on other districts and homes. He is causing wreckage for miles around him!! What a FIERCE and MIGHTY boy to get this angry! And he's probably not going to stop here. He'll take out building after building, until his frustrations have finally calmed down. Such destructive force in the colossal muscles of one gigantic boy! If he REALLY got mad, he could easily pound the ENTIRE CITY to dust! The tinies should do ANYTHING to make him happy and please their titanic Master!!! And I hope YOUR stresses are not as big as Fuguri's, Tora-san. :)
  • 1(2014/09/20 05:22)
  • Mecha-Fuguri(2014/09/23 08:54)
    Fuguri is as intimidating as he is awesome, excellent work Tora. ^3^
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■2014年09月16日(火)  ふぐりんの大きいのは正義!
20140916Fuguri.jpg 830×1000 322K
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/17 04:31)
    The many moods of Fuguri. He can be sweet and caring as he was in the last picture, or mean and heartless, destroying property and lives without a second thought. This is what I find so fascinating about the concepts of a titanic 12 year-old boy. Depending on his moods and hormone surges, he can be lovingly benevolent or heartlessly cruel. But what he cannot have at this size is empathy. People are mere bugs to him at this stage, and he decides their fates, right or wrong, by his slightest whims. His size gives him that right. When Fuguri is a towering colossus, anything he decides is ultimately right. And when he grows even bigger to Giga-size, and the bugs become small fleas to him, he no longer even regards them as anything at all. His attention is to things on his scale, like skyscrapers, or enormous bridges - and Manx, of course. The small dots scurrying from under his feet are simply that - moving dots. This is a concept that's hard to get your head around, until you've put yourself in Fuguri's place.
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/17 14:00)
    As always, I am looking at this latest picture another time.

    Am I seeing things, or is there a slight indication of an 8-pack set of abs starting to form on him under his leotard? If so.. Oh, WOW!!! :)
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■2014年09月12日(金)  見下ろしウルトラふぐりん
20140912Fuguri.jpg 1000×782 251K
  • ぽち(2014/09/12 22:23)
  • Whitt(2014/09/13 16:53)
    My mercy knows no bounds mwahaha!
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/14 04:50)
    WOOOF!!! What an IMPRESSIVE SIGHT!!!! To be walking along with THAT MUCH POWER looming high over you.. Those mighty thighs could CRUSH FLAT several metal office buildings without even trying, if the boy wanted to.

    This is the kinder, gentler Fuguri - and I know he's literally standing watch over the children beneath him.. But those kids have GOT to feel awfully NERVOUS being right below him like this, under thousands of TONS of energetic boy muscle. If Fuguri gets even a little distracted, or maybe even a little impatient.. CRUSH!!! They'd be pretty much a dark spot on the pavement there. I think I'd stay under there long enough to snap a picture like this one, then I'd run out from under there, where I can view those wonderfully long legs and that incredibly powerful boy rump from a much safer distance!! Thanks Tora-san!! These are GREAT PICS!!
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/14 04:52)
    I'll also bet the girls are getting more and more impressed with Fuguri, every time he does this!! ;)
  • Ivor(2014/09/18 16:44)
    Awesome, Simply awesome artwork.
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■2014年09月08日(月)  ウルトラふぐりんの着地
20140906Fuguri.jpg 688×1000 288K
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/09 02:19)
    Heeee's Heeeeerrre!! Fuguri makes his presence known!!! He must think this part of the city is too arrogant for their own good. Fuguri can show them how someone REALLY "Looks down their noses" at someone.
    This is a MAGNIFICENT view of the boy!!! As I've said, Fuguri is really starting to show some extra growth in places from the power of those Cat Ears!! Or maybe the boy is starting to really enjoy showing off his size and strength SO MUCH, it's beginning to SHOW on him, even when he doesn't try!!! I really do like it when his size starts to STRETCH the limits of his leotard! I do like this more tough, aggressively strong Fuguri over the older, meeker one. He is such a TURN-ON now! And this picture gives just a hint of the terror and mighty destruction he could do, if he got really, REALLY angry!!! An ANGRY Fuguri could wreck an entire COUNTRYSIDE, not just a few blocks of a city! An ANGRY Fuguri could POUND A CITY TO DUST!!!
    THANK YOU Tora-san, for showing us this tougher, more aggressive Fuguri!!
  • シド(2014/09/11 20:30)
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■2014年09月06日(土)  ウルトラふぐりん&ウルトラマンクス
20140904Fuguri_Manx.jpg 728×1000 272K
  • Real(2014/09/07 01:38)
    Awesome the boys don't care about the tiny city below them.
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/07 04:05)
    What an AWESOME JAW-DROPPING sight!! This pic really shows off the boy's legs, thighs, and butt muscles!!! There must be the power of a hundred locomotives in each one of them! And they are so long, they push the boy's bodies skyward, into the heavens like long steel columns. They tower over the city's buildings with such easy strength and power. I can only imagine what destruction the boys could really do if they put their mind and those muscles into it! Their magnificent Glutes show that if they wanted to, the boys could easily Squat Lift the entire city, and consider it effortless!!

    Excellent picture Tora-san, and I Thank You with all my heart that you have spent this time with your fans, and provided us this new "rampage" of wonderful pictures of the boys!! I love them dearly, and the more powerfully violent they roughhouse and play, the better and more awesome they seem to be!!

  • Whitt(2014/09/13 16:52)
    Destroy! Destroy! ^p^
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■2014年09月02日(火)  マンクスのビル跳び
20140901Manx.jpg 1000×769 271K
  • yugi(2014/09/02 05:07)
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/03 00:03)
    Let there be no mistake about it - I may regard Manx as a slightly less stronger giant than Fuguri, but Manx's power and size make him a formidable opponent to the city! Those powerful thighs and legs of his can destroy dozens of entire city blocks, without the mighty boy even noticing! Like Fuguri, Manx also must easily be more powerful than millions and millions of small tinies!! I have always been impressed with Manx's gymnastic ability (Its far better than Fuguri's, in my opinion) and I suspect Manx is quite a Master Swimmer and Diver as well. Earlier I mentioned that I believe Manx's limberness would allow him to do "leg splits" with ease. He's almost doing it HERE, in this "Building-Jumping" exercise that he is doing above. Such a FIT, athletic, TOWERINGLY TALL powerful boy!!!!

    This is an absolute delight, Tora-san! We are being treated to many new pictures recently!! I assure you they are VERY MUCH appreciated!!! We tiny fans of Fuguri, Manx, and YOU, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!!!!! :)
  • Real(2014/09/05 09:49)
    Wow what a huge butt I wonder that if Manx would shrink could he find some buildings in his butt?
  • kou(2014/09/07 11:03)
  • Kit Werecat(2014/09/08 01:58)
    Yes Kou, I would like to see BOTH boys GIGA-SIZED!! :)
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