■2015年03月29日(日)  ウルトラふぐりんの春キック3!
20150325Fuguri.jpg 900×738 326K
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/29 12:14)
    OOOOoohhh!! His kicks are getting more POWERFUL, and his THIGHS are getting even BIGGER!!! I so much LOVE his big powerful legs getting THICKER and STRONGER with each MIGHTY KICK!! Pretty soon, that Leotard won't be able to hold those Glutes without RIPPING UP THE SIDES!!! The hamstrings and calves of his legs are SWELLING and SWELLING!!

    And that wild, feral HAIR he has, blowing in the wind up about 500 feet in the air or higher... it adds an animalistic POWER to him, that makes him like a tall BOY GOD!!!

    I LOVE the fact that our MIGHTY Fuguri is finally GROWING UP a bit, and feeling his STRENGTH and SIZE AT LAST!! From that expression on our Awesome Boy's face, he absolutely LOVES the feeling of STRENGTH, SIZE and POWER! I get the distinct impression that Fuguri wants EVEN MORE power now!! He is getting to SERIOUSLY LIKE the feeling he is experiencing!

    Those train cars he holds in his hands are getting EASIER and EASIER to CRUSH!! Soon, he'll do it with just the TIPS of his STRONG FINGERS!! WHAT A BOY!!!
  • Ivor(2015/03/29 15:58)
    This was pulled off beautifully, Not just the mastery of the forced perspective, but the incredible concise action of the complex pose. The twist of the torso is awesome it virtually turns as you look up at it. Bravo. .
  • Real(2015/03/29 22:28)
    Fuguri's butt scratced by the tiny buildings.
  • Megafuguri(2015/03/30 11:14)
    Another ammazing Picture, one day Fuguri will rule us all..
    (I'd ride his head)
  • xbuimonsama(2015/04/12 17:18)
    i love your art !
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■2015年03月25日(水)  ウルトラふぐりんの春キック2!
20150322Fuguri.jpg 684×900 263K
  • Real(2015/03/25 21:49)
    Wow Fuguri's thighs are lickable
  • fabrizzo(2015/03/26 23:53)
    cool pose
  • fabrizzo(2015/03/26 23:55)
    By the way,how is the story in English going on?its been months and stalled at the same point
  • KingPin(2015/03/27 08:38)
    Months? More like (6) years. I highly doubt the English translation for the other parts is being worked on. Not to mention the Japanese story hasn't been added to in almost 10 years.

    If you'd want to read a new story, in English, you can buy two of Tora-san's doujinshi in English from Melonbooks. You can find links to them on the Doujinshi page.
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/29 11:31)
    I've noticed Fuguri is getting a bit COLDER emotionally, and RUTHLESS lately, not to mention more POWERFUL!!! Those THIGHS!!! I think the boy is getting into the joy of workouts, and his legs are SWELLING into those of a really BIG BOY!!

    I hope this is a trend. I hope Fuguri is beginning to realize his HUGE muscle makes him even more GIGANTIC in size to the Tiny Dwarves. The look on his face shows he is enjoying his power a little more with each powerful kick. The destruction is a bit more violent and catastrophic with each rampage. GOOD FOR HIM!! I am his FAVORITE FAN!! I LOVE his power gaining more strength with each week of power demos!! I hope he continues this POWER-RAMPAGE, until he can take an ENTIRE CITY OUT, with one COSMIC KICK!!!


    KingPin, I would like to get some details on what I can download (and how) from the Melonbook site. Can I email you about this? My email is kit.2000@yahoo.com, or by Skype (kit.werecat)?
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/29 12:30)
    LOOK AT FUGURI'S ABDOMINAL MUSCLES!! WOW!!!! And his shoulders are getting more rugged, too!

    Our Giant boy is seriously starting to toughen up, and become a more formidable TITAN!!!

    I wonder what Fuguri would look like if he STEPPED-UP his Costume, to perhaps add a studded thick dark-colored BELT tightly clamped to his narrow waist, or maybe even studded wristbands? I think he would look AWESOME!!
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■2015年03月22日(日)  ウルトラふぐりんの春キック!
20150321Fuguri.jpg 612×800 169K
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/23 01:33)
    As Spring approaches, the days are getting WARMER!! Since the heat will cause the boys to become more active, then perhaps I have the solution to the problem.

    The tinies should clear away a few miles of beautiful beach area for the boys, to swim, frolic, sunbathe, and wrestle to their heart's content. Keep the area supplied with tatsy cool energy drinks and protein snacks. Perhaps even move there a few older obsolete buildings and equipment that is targeted for destruction or demolition anyway. Let the boys have their fun exercising and crushing these things flat, and keep them coming.

    Also provide the boys with new "Surmmer Wear" suits with maximum amount of exposure to the sun and fresh air, freedom of movement, yet providing minimal amounts of coverage of their colossal athletic bodies. Something like a new skimpy T-Back Triathlon Speedo or Arena poser, perhaps a super-sports version of a Kuroneko Fundoshi - to allow the boys to flex and move while cooling off at the same time! Think of the Picture Ops!
  • Megafuguri(2015/03/24 11:21)
    This picture is awesome, enough said. ^3^ I like Kit's idea though.
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■2015年03月21日(土)  ふぐりんとマンクスの新しいシューズ
20150320Fuguri_Manx.jpg 774×1000 256K
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/22 02:38)
    Talk about Killer shoe styles.. They seem to leave a BIG impression on everyone..
  • ぽち(2015/03/24 09:53)
  • Megafuguri(2015/03/24 11:20)
    Now I want those shoes. Imagine crushing your enemies with those. Fuguri is sure the celeberity for a giant destructive cat boy of awesome.
  • Small(2015/06/20 18:27)
    The lucky ones are sliding down his leg and onto his shoes.
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■2015年03月15日(日)  花粉症のふぐりん
grp0315004823.jpg 738×800 221K
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/15 15:44)
    Even these titanic, unstoppable boys get allergies! I don't feel so bad, then. But these kids are going to need to take 2 boxcars of Benadryl!! If not, their mere SNEEZES will blow entire villages away!!!
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/16 00:32)
    I'm always impressed with Fuguri's Long, LONG legs! They push his rear and torso WAY UP there, where his head is above the skyscraper roofs and the clouds. Helicopters and Manx are the only ones that can truly enjoy the view of Fuguri's sexy behind from way up there... oh, to be that tall.. ♫ Being BIG in Japan.. ♫
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■2015年03月09日(月)  ふぐりんの春キック
20150308Fuguri.jpg 544×800 128K
  • kai(2015/03/10 13:04)
    Yay spring is coming. Maybe Fuguri-kun and Manx can play among the cherry blossoms around himeji-jo, or maybe visit a nice onsen while it is still cold. :)
  • fabrizzo(2015/03/11 16:58)
    nice elegant kick.i hope those are just toy buildings meant for a photoshoot.
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/12 02:04)
    Those long elegant legs of his - taller than some skyscrapers. And they can cut buildings in HALF!!! I just love the sly contented smile he gives, and his leotard clearly shows he deeply enjoys the exercise.

    Nice work, Tora -san!! He is a boy of both power and beauty!!

    The hip-hugging stretchy fabric really shows off Fuguri's tensed Glute muscles. He is just magnificent when he is in Rampage Mode!!! :)
  • KingPin(2015/03/12 08:23)
    I've been playing Cities Skyline too much today. I kinda want Fuguri to rampage through my city now >.<
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■2015年03月08日(日)  競パン少年軍団襲来!
20150307giantboys.jpg 1000×582 180K
  • KingPin(2015/03/08 00:18)
    Now that's a view.

    Thanks, Tora-san!
  • kai(2015/03/08 01:41)
    What a lovely view!
  • Whitt(2015/03/08 05:29)
    Wow! Imagine the end of days delivered by boys in triathlon suits :D
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/08 08:29)

    This is is just JAW-DROPPING!! If I looked out a window to see this appear, I would go into complete apoplexy. They are so EASILY powerful, their very APPEARANCE has WIPED OUT the city skyline, as far as the eye can see. Where they merely APPEARED, was like an Atomic Bomb hit the city. And their muscles are measured in CUBIC MILES. This world would be TOAST inside of 5 days, if even that. It would depend on if they were doing this as a mission, or they were merely toying around. But these awesome, powerful, titanic boys are PLANET KILLERS. They would eventually stamp this ENTIRE PLANET FLAT.

    WOOF! I am utterly blown away at the power displayed here. I hope this is the level you are going to keep doing, Tora-san. For years, you have allowed the boys to just TOY with the city. But lately you look to be taking the power up a peg, and becoming a bit more dark with the power that these kids wield. I think it's FABULOUS, and I've waited a long time for this to happen.

    WELL DONE, Tora-san.
  • Ivor(2015/03/09 07:27)

    fabulously awesome. An impressive collection of destruction bound Megas. I would love to see some loose their shirts along the way, and some bottoms too. What a playground, every crushed building a delight, The wicked inhabitants, mashed under foot. Bravo.
  • fabrizzo(2015/03/11 17:00)
    swimsuit model display?hot...
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■2015年03月02日(月)  夜ノマンクス
20150302Manx.jpg 618×900 196K
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/03 01:42)
    It may be Cosplay, and all in fun, but on Manx's scale of size, I imagine he looks a bit TERRIFYING to the Tinies, when presenting himself like this. I don't know the character he's dressing up as, but if the character is mean-spirited or violent, I'd be RUNNING from that city right about now!!!

    For a 120 meter, 12 year-old boy to decide to act out a game of destruction and cruel Rampaging on a city.. even if it's a game to HIM, it will mean destructive CHAOS to the whole city.. and if Fuguri JOINS him.. the entire city will be pounded FLAT within less than one hour of time...

    In spite of Fuguri's endearing cuteness, the boy has a very devilish destructive streak that surfaces when he grows BIG, and I think he's FAR more dangerous to the Tinies than Manx is. Those building-slicing KICKS he does alone are so AWESOMELY MIGHTY! It's all in good fun to the BOY of course, but Fuguri is literally a BOY MOUNTAIN of destructive power, and he's a really BIG threat to the entire city!
  • KingPin(2015/03/03 05:07)
    @Kit: the character he's cosplaying as is Doronjo aka Leopard from the Yoru no Yatterman anime. I'd rather see Manx in the costume than a nine year-old girl though.
  • Kit Werecat(2015/03/03 06:33)
    @KingPin: Yeah. He definitely fills out the costume better. :)
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